The first meeting.

The most spirited day of my life
I still remember,
The sun was shining bright
Winds blowing towards the right
When I met you for the first time.

We talked and talked
Until it felt like night,
And that was the day
When I met you for the first time.
You were prepossessing
And I was so shy.

We grabbed a coffee
And kept talking about the sky.
It was that one day in my life
When I knew what glee felt like.
I knew this was right
Everything was so uptight.
Since the day I met you
To the day I know you
I still keep embracing
this little delight.

There’s no faith of which I know
That I can worship more
But I believe you’re my faith
And I just want it to glow.
We loose the radiance sometimes
But not the love that keeps it alive.

I keep comparing the bad days with the good ones
The easy days with the difficult ones
But all I know is that I’ll try
For whatever it’s worth
I won’t give it up until the day I die.

There’s one great love that happens once in a long time
And I’ve had my share which i’ll embellish in my heart for the rest of my lifetime.



Walking on the crossroads
I see meadows all around me.
I see lovers passing
And the farmers talking.
I see the pedastrians walking
And I see rich people driving.
I hate the civilisation how it’s meant to be
But I empathize with the nature how it still manages to be.

the nude artistry of the wind stroking the flowers mildly
The fauna that keeps astonishing me widely
The forbearent mountains that never fall apart
The mobility of water that never looses it’s art

Fleeing the civilization
I want to breathe
Liberated from the society
I want to live.

The civilization is flawed
But the nature is pristine.
I see the society mocking
And the grasslands still dancing
I find peace in art,
serenity in breeze
I find love in innocence,
Faith in it’s ease.

Beauty never lied in the civilization that we made
Contentment was never meant to come from the society that we embraced
It always lied in the raw estate
The one, we always understate.

There’s nothing that the nature demands
There’s nothing, we can give
The essence of nature of which I know
Is the eminence of it’s glow.

The sacrificing love
The enduring peace
The unbroken faith
The calming belief
Fleeing the civilization
I want to breathe
Liberated from the society
I want to live.

Grey doctrine.

Amidst the bright mornings,
and the dark nights
I see a lot of grey.

I see grey religion,
grey caste, grey painted walls
And I see grey hearts
Carrying around the dark.

Grey isn’t subtle
It’s forthright

Religion must be radiant
But ehh, it’s rotten.
Caste must be fervent
But ohh it’s apathetic.
In the search of creed and light
Anything that we find is not right.

Ohh great lord where are you?
Help thy children stuck in the labyrinth.

There’s no strength in the dominant
And the submisive isn’t powerless
The society isn’t beefy
And the man isn’t punny.

Give me a reason to worship the grey
And I’ll visit the church
But give me a reason to add vivacity
And I’ll worship the saviour.

Wiser today…

They keep saying you’re stronger than you know. You can withheld the storms, endure the thunders and still keep standing, but maybe it’s not true. We don’t wanna keep standing when the storm occurs rather we wanna know that we have a place to hide and escape the storm. Yes, the sun might shine brighter tomorrow but today, today is the day where I just wanna hide and lay back and know that i have a place to be. Because if keep standing strong today there might not be a tomorrow for me. It’s okay to know that you’re not strong enough sometimes.
Afterall, it’s not a weakness, it’s rather wise.

Not a fairytale

I still remember the night. I was standing on the beach with my feet burried in the sand and the waves trying to wash it off, the way the cold breeze touched my face and made my hair swing. I can never forget how serene i was.
He walked towards me, slowly. Probably trying to tranquil his nervousness. I soon felt his hand on my left shoulder and turned towards him. We looked in each other’s eyes and suddenly time stopped. Nothing else mattered.
No it wasn’t a fairytale but it wasn’t anything less. That was the most beautiful night of my life and it still is. Many more beautiful nights and happy days came by but I can never forget what I felt in that short moment of blithe and ecstasy.


It’s never been easy.
It never will be.
Questions arise,
Dilemma stays,
Pressure rises,
It never gets easy.
I wish miracles often happened
I wish heaven existed
I wish happiness was all around
But, maybe some wishes never come true
And the peace never comes to you.
We keep finding satisfaction where it never stayed
Maybe life isn’t home but death is,
which keeps the satisfaction away.


I am not an optimist.
I don’t believe in perfections.
The most beautiful things weren’t meant to be perfect.
They were meant to be just the way they are.
Perfection doesn’t exist, its delusional. The universe isn’t perfect. The stars, the moon,the sun they were never perfect they never will be. What do we seek then? What are we running after? What is a perfect life? Maybe what we have is perfect for us in its own special way. I believe in miracles but i don’t believe in perfect. There’s nothing perfect, it never will be.
Some days we wait for perfect to happen while some days we just settle. At the end it’s all worth it because it’s not the perfection we seek but the happiness we seek in the form of perfection.
Sometimes perfection isn’t the hapiness. It’s the flaws and the darkness we hide inside that pave our path for the ultimate pleasure.

Stars and miracles.

Do you believe in stars? Do you believe they make love stories happen? Because maybe a part of me still wants to believe in miracles. ‘the weak me’ , ‘the tired me ‘ , ‘ the destroyed me’. Call me whatever but I still believe in the universe and maybe somewhere in the outer space the universe believes in me.

Universe within..

As I sipped my first coffee of the day observing the sky amazed by the fact how easily it shifts from the dark hues of the night to the mild shades of the dusk. Taking another sip and breathing slowly I saw the first rays of the sun peeking out of the cloudy window of the sky. I felt a kind of nostalgia I might never feel again. I saw those colours of the sky that might never remain the same. Infact the next time I visit this same place at the same time I might become a different person all by myself, a whole new version of myself just like the sky will be.
Days come and go time changes but then there’s this sky which will always remain the same some days bright while some days dark. But it will keep evolving till eternity just like I will. No one knows there end not even the sky which holds an universe inside it but it still keeps doing what its meant to do and I guess we are too.

Extraordinarily ordinary.

She was an ordinary girl.
An ordinary girl who always dreamt of an extraordinary love story but I guess nothing like that exists in this practical and materialistic world. Bieng surrounded with the most ordinary kind of people it takes a brave heart to weave an out of the box love story. For her true love was never a myth it was all that she was waiting for. Despite the worst of the times that she had gone through she had a ray of hope,a pinch of sunlight coming through the dark cloudy sky. But believe me it’s true that one day came when the sun was shining bright it was so bright she had to close her eyes. She closed her eyes and walked on the path meant for her holding his hand tight. They walked a long way through Thornes, bushes, planes and mountains. But the sun was still shining bright. No matter there were dark nights and it was not as fanticised as her dreams but trust me it was all worth. It was like a flower so beautiful that you could hurt yourself with the thorns again and again but not let the flower die. Yes it’s true
Dreams do come true. She was an ordinary girl with an extraordinary love story.